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The goal of this quiz is to:

* Get you excited about Camp Ho Mita Koda summer opportunities.
* Minimize the time during staff development (training) that we need to spend on reading the handbook.
* Ensure that y'all understand the level of commitment, professionalism, and fun that this job will bring you.

In an ideal world, each staff/volunteer reads the staff manual cover to cover and consumes it like fine wine. However, the reality is that the handbook contains a lot of information. Our goal is not that you can memorize all of the information. Our goal is simply that you know what information exists in the handbook and that you have the ability to find it quickly when you need it.

This quiz is an attempt to have you spend 15-30 minutes with the handbook before the start of staff training so that you come in with more than a blank stare and empty gaze.

Thank you in advance for your time and passion for T1D and CHMK!

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* 1. Please enter your name here so that we know you completed the proficiency quiz. Thank you!

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* 2. The CHMK position you are working this season is:

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* 3. What year are you completing this for?

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