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100% of survey complete.

Please help the Asa H. Gordon Library assess how well we are currently meeting your needs and assist us in identifying areas for growth and improvement. The survey will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete.

* 4. Reflecting on the past academic year, have you used the physical Library, Library’s website or any of our electronic resources?

* 5. Reflecting on the past academic year, how often did you do the following?

  Daily 2-3 Times a Week Once a Week Once a Month Less than Once a Month  Never
Visit the physical Library
Visit the Library’s webpage
Check out print books
View/Check out ebooks
Check out audiovisual materials
Check out conference/ study rooms
Print, copy and/or scan documents in the library
Access Scholarly Journal articles in print at the library
Access Scholarly Journal articles electronically through a database
Access Popular Articles (newspapers, magazines, etc.) in print
Access Popular Articles (newspapers, magazines, etc.) electronically through an online database
Access GALILEO or other electronic databases
Access Special Collections (archival) Materials
Use GIL Express/ Interlibrary Loan Services
Receive research assistance from a reference librarian
Receive research assistance using a Research Guide (LibGuide) or online tutorial
Attend a library instruction (information literacy) class or workshop
Attend a library program or event
Access the Library’s Social Media

* 6. Reflecting on the past academic year, please tell us whether you were aware of these resources and services prior to the survey, and how satisfied are you with the following resources and services?

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied Not Aware of Resource/Service
Library Policies
Library Hours
Library Webpage
Print Book Collection
Electronic Book Collection
Audiovisual Collection
Print Scholarly Journal Collection
Electronic Scholarly Journal Collection
Print Popular Collections (Magazines, Newspapers, etc.)
Electronic Popular Collections (Magazines, Newspapers, etc.)
GALILEO and other electronic databases
Special Collections (Archives)
Conference/Study Rooms
Printing, Copying, and/or Scanning in the Library
GIL Express/Interlibrary Loan Services
Research Assistance from Librarians
Research Guides (LibGuides) and online tutorials
Library Programs and Events
Library’s Social Media Presence

* 7. The following are areas where the Library is considering innovations, expansions, or improvements. Please indicate how important it is for the library to focus on each of these areas.

  Essential Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important Don't Know N/A
A redesigned and simplified Library website
A redesigned and simplified Library website for mobile devices
Functional and contemporary improvements to Library furnishings and lighting
Redesigned study and conference room spaces
Mobile whiteboards for collaborative and individual use 
Additional spaces for group, collaborative work
Additional spaces for quiet, individual study
Additional desktop computers
More recreational programing
(e.g. Fun Friday, live music events, etc.)
More cultural/arts programming
(e.g. Scholar-in-Residence Lectures, book discussions, National Poetry Month contest, etc.)
Workshops for citation styles and management
Workshops for Microsoft Office software
Workshops for specialized research (by college major)

* 8. Reflecting on the past academic year, please tell us the degree to which you agree with the following statements.

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
It is easy to navigate the physical library to find what you need.
It is easy to navigate the library’s homepage to find what you need.
There are quiet spaces for individual activities.
There are community spaces for group learning and collaborative study.
The library has the equipment and/or software necessary to complete research assignments.
Librarians help me with my research in-person. (e.g. reference desk, research consultations, etc.).
Librarians help me with my research virtually (e.g. email, instant messaging, etc.).
Librarians help me find the appropriate information and resources for my assignments.
Librarians provide support in my efforts to avoid plagiarism and use information ethically.
Librarians provide support in my efforts to evaluate information resources.
Library staff treat me with a friendly and caring attitude.
Library staff show a willingness to help me.
Library staff assist me in a timely manner.
My library issues and concerns are addressed satisfactorily.

* 9. Please suggest any changes you feel the library should make in its service to the University.

* 10. Please suggest any additions you feel the library could make to its collection of materials.

* 11. Additional Comments

Thank you for completing the survey! Your suggestions will be used to improve library resources and services.