Food Summit Followup

Thanks for participating at the Sault & Area Food Summit!

Please fill out this short survey for us to assess the event and develop the next steps.

* 1. What best describes your involvement in the food system?

* 2. How did you hear about the Food Summit?

* 3. Overall, how would you rate the Sault & Area Food Summit?

  Excellent Very good Fairly good Mildly good Not good at all Not applicable (did not attend)
Friday evening harvest dinner
Saturday morning speakers
Saturday afternoon action exercise
The event overall

* 4. Please leave any additional comments you may have about the overall event.

* 5. What major goal(s) are you interested in undertaking to create a more healthy, sustainable food system (as a business, individual or organization)?

  I'm already working on this goal I'm interested in working with others on this goal I would like to keep informed on this goal's progress I'm interested in this goal, but can't commit time I'm not interested in this goal
Increase awareness of local food and food initiatives
Develop food infrastructure that responds to the local food value chain
Develop the skills necessary for a sustainable food system
Develop a food strategy and vision for the Sault & Area
Create opportunities for networking the local food value chain
Protecting lands or habitat that grow good food

* 6. Best way to contact you (provide name, organization, email, phone number or mailing address):