System Center is entirely dependent on SQL server. Console performance and the end user experience can be dramatically effected by a poorly configured SQL environment. Can you help with giving some of your SQL/SC experience..

None of the questions are mandatory, just answer what you can.

* 1. What is your main area of expertise ?

* 2. Do you use SQL Server on VM's for System Center ?

* 3. If you have to host SQL on a VM what things do you do to help SQL performance ?

* 4. In terms of instance configurations for System Center what of the following do you use ?

* 5. What auto grow settings do you use for System Center data files ?

* 6. Do you change the default tempDB files and if so what changes do you make ?

* 7. Do you use Windows Firewall on a SQL server ?

* 8. From a SQL server perspective what are the main configuration mistakes that are being made in System Center deployments?

* 9. Do you use mixed mode authentication for SQL ?

* 10. DPM, WSUS and the SCCM Secondary Site all offer the use of SQL express, in your opinion should this be avoided ?

* 11. Why?

* 12. Do you use Operations manager to monitor SQL ?

* 13. What changes would you like to see made to the SQL MP?

* 14. What System Center DB's do you regularly see on the same instances?

* 15. How do you calculate the IOPS requirement for a System Center Application?

* 16. If you have multiple System Center applications on the same instance how do you manage the data base file for each DB ?

* 17. Do you use SCCM's desired configuration management/ Settings Management to monitor the configuration of your SQL servers ?

* 18. Any other comments or input you would like to add?