Spring 2014 Housing Waiting List

Important Stipulations Regarding The Housing Waiting List:

1. You are not eligible to apply to the waiting list if you have signed a Housing and Meal Plan Contract for the 2013-14 academic year but did not attend Lehigh for the Fall 2013 semester due to reasons such as participation in a University Study Abroad or Co-op program or you took a Leave of Absence that was documented through the Dean of Students Office of Academic Life and Student Transitions.

If that is the case, you are obligated by the Housing and Meal Plan Contract to reside in University Residence Hall housing.
- Students on Study Abroad or Co-op will be contacted directly by Residential Services regarding housing choices.
- Students returning from a Leave of Absence should contact Residential Services at inrsd@lehigh.edu to inform our office of your plans to attend for Spring 2014.

2. All reasons for applying will be reviewed. Residential Services reserves the right to change a students reason for applying if applicable.

3. More than one housing choice may be listed and will be reviewed in that order. If you choose to list specific request(s), make sure the information provided is clear and precise.

4. Time sensitive information regarding your waiting list/housing status will be sent to you via your email address. Therefore, we highly recommend that you check your email daily.