FIC Dealerships Spring Expo Follow Up

Thank you for attending our recent event "Spring Expo 2016" held at Owens Community College.  As we review this event and plan for the future it would be greatly appreciated if you would take the time to complete this survey.  We value your business and would like to make future events better as we know your time is valuable as well.  

* 1. Overall, how would you rate Spring Expo?

* 2. What was the single most valuable thing you learned at our Spring Expo Event?

* 3. How could future events be improved? Select all that apply.

* 4. How likely are you to attend the Spring Expo event again in the future?

* 5. How would you prefer to be notified of future events like this.

* 6. Please rank the value of each session that you attended in relation to your farm operation.
Using the scale 1=No Value     10= Very Valuable

  Did not attend No Value
2 3 4 Some Value
6 7 8 9 Very Valuable
Chuck Campbell- City of Toledo 
Marlene Eick- Tell the Story You're Living
Kevin Lawrence- John Deere Financial 
Introduction of New Equipment  (Sales Presentation)
Intro to the Gen 4 Command Center  (Integrated Solutions Dept)
Wildlife Damage Control (ODNR Wildlife District)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid  (Steve Flanders-Farm Chem)
John Deere Mobile Apps  (Roger Ohl)
Dawn Equipment
Phosphorus Recommendations (Ed Lentz)
Timed Nitrogen Placement  (Ed Lentz)
Manure Management Systems (Glen Arnold)
Drill & Planter Optimization  (FIC Technicians) 
Farm Vehicle Regulations  (Ohio Hwy Patrol)
UHarvest  Smart Grain Carts  (Brett Unverferth)
Pre-Season Technology Checklist  (Jeremy Deter) 
Recognizing Farm Equipment Hazzards  (Kent McGuire)
Reducing Soil Compaction  (Wilson Tire)
Sprayer Optimization & Oil of today  (Steve Turner & Duane Gerwin)
Drago Manufacturing Corn head features
Optimizing tillage equipment  (John Sites-Great Plains)
Maximizing equipment with attachment  (FIC Parts Pros)
John Deere Operations Center (Justin Leader)

* 7. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?