The sports snack game plan is an initiative to increase access to healthy snacks after recreational sports activities. Dieticians involved in the initiative have created a list of healthy options that are LESS EXPENSIVE than the typical snack of chips and sports drinks. The sports snack game plan is not designed to completely prohibit celebrations for sports teams that may include less healthy food, but to educate children, families, and coaches on how to properly fuel their bodies healthfully for sports. When healthy choices are available, children have the opportunity to make a healthy choice. Additionally, the initiative is not solely to combat obesity, but to promote healthy eating for all people, regardless of their weight.

* Do you support youth sport organizations/leagues in requiring that ALL snacks and drinks provided for after games be healthy? (examples: bananas, oranges, grapes, carrots, raisins, etc)Please keep in mind, this is for recreational sports, not high intensity sports where a more nutritionally complex snack may be needed. This would also not apply to an end of the season celebration where other food may be served as a special treat.

* Do you support youth sporting organizations/leagues in requesting there be no snack after games with the exception of an end of the year party UNLESS IT IS A HIGH INTENSITY SPORT WHERE A HEALTHY SNACK IS WARRANTED? With this option, parents can make individual choices on how they feed their own children. Please remember that we ALWAYS recommend drinking plenty of water before, during, and after sporting events! (High intensity sports would include swimming, track/cross country, etc. Sports such as soccer may be included in this category depending on age and skill level. Sports such as t-ball would not be in this category.)

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