1. Self Identification of Gay Male College Athletes

Dear Athlete,

Thank you for your interest in participating in this research. Your time is much appreciated.

You are being asked to participate in a study called “Self Identification of Gay Male College Athletes” conducted for dissertation research at Long Island University-Post. The purpose of the research, which is a retrospective study, is to discover the degree of attachment gay male college athletes have to athleticism.

As a participant, you will be asked to answer the AIMS (Athletic Identity Measurement Scale), which is a questionnaire utilizing a Likert type scale measuring your level of identification to athleticism. Your participation in this study is voluntary. You must be 25-45 years of age to participate, and you must be a gay former college athlete and must have played any college sport for 2 or more years.

Your identity as a participant will remain confidential. Your name will not be included in any forms. While there is no direct benefit to you for participation in this study, it is reasonable to expect that the results may provide information of value for the field(s) of sociology, psychology, higher education, masculinity studies, and LGBT studies.

If you have questions about the research you may contact the researcher (Truett Lee Vaigneur, Jr., 917-969-8614, Truettv@hotmail.com). If you have any questions regarding your rights as a subject, you may contact the Executive Secretary of the Institutional Review Board, Ms. Kathryn S. Rockett at (516) 299-2523. If you are interested in seeing the results of the study, please contact the researcher (via email) after February 2013 until February 2016.

Thank you for your participation,

Truett Lee Vaigneur, Jr.

By clicking "NEXT" and completing the questionnaire, you are consenting to participate in this study.