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Informational Letter

March 2013

Dear Participant:

We are a professor and doctoral student in the Department of Kinesiology at The University of Georgia. We invite you to participate in a research study entitled “Identification of the Dimensions, Antecedents, and Moderators Associated with Brand Love in Spectator Sports.” The purpose of this study is to examine the formation of sport brand love, the attributes of brand love, and the outcomes of sport brand love.

The participants of this study are required to be 18 years of age or older and must have attended a professional sporting event in the past.

Your participation will involve completing a survey on your attachment towards a professional sport team and should only take about 10 minutes. Your involvement in the study is voluntary, and you may choose not to participate or to stop at any time without penalty or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled. All of your responses will remain anonymous and if completed via the internet, no IP address will be stored. Internet communications are insecure and there is a limit to the confidentiality that can be guaranteed due to the technology itself. However once the materials are received by the researcher, standard confidentiality procedures will be employed. The only people who will know that you are a research subject are members of the research team. No individually identifiable information about you, or provided by you during the research, will be shared with others, except if necessary to protect your rights or welfare; or if required by law. The results of the research study may be published; however, the published results will be presented in summary form only. Your identity will not be associated with your responses in any published format.

The results from this study may provide researchers and practitioners with the needed information to better analyze sport consumers’ behavior in order to develop effective marketing strategies. The researchers also hope to learn more about the formation of sport brand love and its impact on sport consumption which will allow researchers and practitioners to better meet the needs of sport consumers. There are no known risks or discomforts associated with this research.

If you have any questions about this research project, please feel free to contact Mrs. Alyssa Tavormina at afergu@uga.edu or Dr. Kevin K. Byon at kbyon@uga.edu or directly at (706) 542-4362. Questions or concerns about your rights as a research participant should be directed to The Chairperson, University of Georgia Institutional Review Board, 629 Boyd GSRC, Athens, Georgia 30602; telephone (706) 542-3199; email address irb@uga.edu.

By clicking the "Next" button, you are agreeing to participate in the above described research project.

Thank you for your consideration! Please keep this letter for your records.


Dr. Kevin K. Byon & Alyssa Ferguson Tavormina