Sponsored Giveaways Feedback

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Zweena Health is considering sponsoring a giveaway to help drive signups for its personal health record platform.

The Zweena platform allows its members to store their medical records online, bypassing the hassle of managing paper binders or having to track down medical information during a time of need. A paid account has the Zweena team actively collecting medical records on behalf of its members, saving members an immense amount of time.

A huge benefit of using Zweena is having an entire family’s medical record collection in one spot.

The questions below are to gather intel on how to successfully approach readers of family bloggers and to find a message that resonates. This is vital for the success of the giveaway and for the bloggers selected to take part in the sponsored giveaway.

Your participation in answering the questions below is much appreciated.

If Zweena finds this to be an opportunity worth pursuing, you may be asked to become part of the giveaway. Please enter contact information at the end of the survey if you wish to be included.