We are conducting a survey of all households within the Spofford Lake watershed.  This survey is an important source of data that will be used in the development of the Spofford Lake Watershed Management Plan. The development of this plan is a crucial piece of maintaining this valuable asset.  The plan will contain information with specific actions that can be done to improve the water quality of the lake.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.  The names of property owners as well as locations are not requested as part of this information in order to maintain anonymity.  Our goal is merely to collect the information to use in the development of the plan.  Other sources of data collection will include methods such as a visual survey of erosion areas, current water analysis, and historical reports showing trends from water testing of the lake and its tributaries, as well as other data.

Please complete the survey by October 31, 2017 or contact lmurphy@swrpc.org
if after this date.

* 1. How do the residents of this house use Spofford Lake? Check all that apply

* 2. What is your perception of the water quality in Spofford Lake?

* 3. What changes have you seen in the lake over the past several years in relation to aquatic plants and lake usage?

* 4. How many months per year is your home used?

* 5. What is the average occupancy of this home when it is occupied?

* 6. What water using appliances do you use?

* 7. What kind of disposal system does this home have for processing waste/waste water?

* 8. How old is this system?

* 9. How often is this system pumped out?

* 10. When was the last time this system was pumped out?

* 11. Has there been any other maintenance to this system (such as leaching fields, etc.)? Please describe.

* 12. Do you use any of the following for landscaping?