Sport Events Congress is the largest annual gathering of professionals in the sport tourism industry in Canada, a $6.8 billion industry segment.

SEC delegates include host cities and destinations, national and multi-sport organizations, tourism industry professionals, event suppliers, event management firms, hoteliers, the education sector and elected officials.

The Audience

SEC20 will be hosted in Edmonton, Alberta at the Edmonton Convention Centre March 24-25-26.


SEC is a three-day event that includes professional development, business to business opportunities and social events that help connect this varied and wide-ranging industry segment.
Preliminary Event Schedule

The size and scope of organizations varies greatly from large and sophisticated to smaller operations and associations. Therefore, all professional development content should reference opportunities for scaling up or down.

Themes for presentations should address one of the Steps in the CSTA Sport Tourism Roadmap, a tool designed for the sport tourism industry that helps to guide the process for bidding and hosting:

The professional development is delivered through three different formats including:

Plenary – Typically at one of the meals during SEC, a speaker and topic that is relevant and engaging to all delegates will be featured. The presentation will be a minimum of 20 minutes and maximum of 30 minutes with up to 5 minutes for questions from the floor. Plenary speakers are provided with complimentary registration and may attend all other SEC sessions.

Panel – These group discussions will be facilitated by a moderator and can include up to four other panel members. These sessions can be 60-75 minutes in duration and should allow time for questions from the floor to engage and encourage two-way communication.

Xperiential Huddle – A more user-driven form of information sharing and learning, Xperiential Huddle will feature several topics to choose from, each facilitated by a leader from the sport tourism sector. Unlike a traditional roundtable session, the meeting room is set up with X-shaped pods of 24 people with the facilitator in the middle guiding the discussion. Participants spend 20-25 minutes at each pod. Using a mix of presentation, problem solving and group discussion, participants will learn from the facilitator and each other. A session summary post-event provides all delegates with a recap of the dialogue and outcomes.

*Please note, the submission deadline for SEC20 is August 30, 2019.