* 1. What best describes your business?

* 2. Are you storing and using liquids onsite?

* 3. Do you have spill management equipment/products onsite?

* 4. If Yes to Question 3, what equipment/products do you have?

* 5. Who do you purchase your spill management equipment from?

* 6. Does your equipment supplier provide any of the following?

* 8. If your rating was less than 10, what would they need to improve to score a 10?

* 9. Are you using and storing dangerous goods onsite?

* 10. Do you have any Dangerous Goods storage cabinets onsite?

* 11. Do you have a site drainage system connected directly to stormwater?

* 12. Do you have any stormwater protection systems in place?

* 13. If Yes to questions ten what type?

* 14. If you spilled your largest container onsite (e.g. 205L drum), would you have equipment onsite to contain that volume of liquid, and then absorb the entire spill?

* 15. If you had a spill onsite, how long would it take you to retrieve the spill kit, and return to the site of the spill?

* 16. If you spilled liquid onsite, could it easily migrate onto an unsealed surface, into a drain or into a waterway?

* 17. Does your site have a spill management plan?

* 18. Are your staff trained in spill kit use?

* 19. Fill in your details to get a free site compliance report and a chance to win an iPad mini

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