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Thank you for contributing to CXPA's upcoming events by nominating yourself or someone you know whose story should be shared with the larger CX community.  Once you've completed this form, our team will confirm receipt and your nominee will be considered alongside recommendations from planning committees, CXPA leadership and staff.  Once speakers have been determined we will follow up with you regarding whether your nomination was selected.  In some case this may be months for those events that are further out.  If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to email us at

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Customer Spark - These events showcase CX best practices and case studies from major brands in a TED Talk style series presented by senior level CX practitioners at brands that do not sell CX services/products. These presentations are recorded and videos are made available publicly after the event. Customer Spark speakers are also provided one ticket to the Executive Summit on the second day at a value of $399.

CX Day - Online Panelists are invited to participate in brief 30-minute conversations around a specific topic.  These panels are arranged geographically and will typically include 4-5 panelists and a CXPA member as the moderator.

CX Day - The keynote presentation on CX Day is typically a live webinar with a CEO sharing why a focus on customer experience is critical to his/her organization.  Past speakers have included the Mercedes-Benz USA’s CEO, Jeanne Bliss and Bruce Temkin, and Steve Walker from Walker with a panel of executive-level Chief Customer Officers.  This webinar is recorded and made publicly available afterwards.

Insight Exchange - Our CXPA cornerstone event is the Insight Exchange.  During this two-day event we hear from keynote presenters (40-minute presentation format), breakout presentations from both CX practitioners in the field that do not come from companies that sell CX services/products and Certified Customer Experience Professionals (CCXP) that present from a thought leader perspective. 

***Please note that CXPA does not currently pay speakers.  Also, with the exception of Insight Exchange keynote presenters, we do not cover travel expenses for speakers.  There are event discounts offered for breakout presenters at the Insight Exchange, and our Customer Spark speakers do receive a free ticket to Executive Summit.

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