Application for funded Fulbright Speaker Program visits

Please submit your application through this form. The application should be submitted by the hosting school/institution. If you are a U.S. Fulbright grantee in Finland wishing to visit a school and request funding, please send this form to the host of the visit.
In order for the Fulbright Speaker Program request to be considered for funding, the following conditions must be met:
  • Suitable Fulbright speakers are not available close to the host institution
  • Costs of the Fulbright Speaker program would be too high for the host institution
  • Impact of the visit would be significant in terms of: fewer opportunities for international exposure at the host organization, number of participants reached during the Speaker program, local or national visibility for the Speaker Program, type of the audience (e.g. educators with a large multiplier effect)
  • Host organization agrees to write a highlight/impact statement about the visit with photos included for reporting purposes.
The Fulbright Finland Foundation will purchase the train, flight or bus tickets for the grantee directly, after the host and the grantee have agreed on and provided the visit details to the Speaker Program coordinator.

If you wish to invite a Fulbright Speaker to your institution without Foundation funding, you do not need to fill this form. In this case send a message to

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* 1. Are the above conditions met in your institution?