Welcome to the KC District Board of Ministry license renewal process.

     We are excited to walk with you on your credentialing journey! We look forward to your upcoming interview and pray that we can help you in discerning your call to serve Christ and his church. You will find below a series of questions that we need you to answer in preparation for your interview. The questions are drawn from the core duties of ordained clergy, both elders and deacons.

    Please answer the questions as fully as you are able. Responses are saved and submitted when you click the ‘Next’ or ‘Done’ button on each page of the questionnaire. Responses don’t automatically save as each question is answered-they are saved and submitted page by page as you progress through the questionnaire.

    We will review your answers carefully in preparation for your interview date. We do understand that this is a process, so do not feel that your answers to the questions today will be as you might answer as you grow in grace. We are interested in knowing where you are in this journey. We want you to answer all questions with transparency and integrity.

     This questionnaire is in addition to the District License Application form you will also fill out. We are praying for you!

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