Help Us Decide on Series Two

For the first 2-3 weeks of our campaign (depending on respondents) we will be asking the Kickstarter community to help us choose the missions to be featured on posters #8 and #9.

Question Title

* 1. Choose Your Two Missions

  First Choice Second Choice
Viking: First on the Surface of Mars
Rosetta/Philae: The First to Orbit and First to Land on a Comet
Galileo: Orbiting the Jupiter System
Venera: The Soviet Exploration of Venus
Pioneers 10 & 11: FIrst Look at the Outer Solar System
Mariner: Exploration of the Inner Solar System

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* 2. Would you consider purchasing a t-shirt based on any of our previosly designed Spacecraft posters?

  Yes Maybe Not as Interested
Cassini/Huygens: FIrst to Orbit Saturn, First to Land on Titan
Curiosity: A Laboratory on Mars
Mars Exploration Rovers: Spirit and Opportunity
Sputnik: The First in Space
New Horizons: Exploration of Pluto and the Kuiper Belt
Galileo at the Jupiter System

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* 3. May we subscribe you to our newsletter