What is the Path?

Scalable solutions. Round-the-clock support. Bulletproof security and rock-solid recovery systems. They’re all part of the Path to IT Paradise, SouthTech’s systematic, process-oriented approach to technology consulting.

It all starts with you: You must hold the belief that technology can solve your company’s problems. From there, SouthTech’s IT Navigators guide you through every stop along the way—strategy, design, construction, training, monitoring, maintenance, support, security and recovery—to get you to where you need to be.

The Path to IT Paradise is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Every SouthTech client will experience each of the ten steps differently, depending on their needs and goals. But understand: each step is absolutely critical to the process. None are optional.

Why does SouthTech do things this way? For one simple reason: it works. Clients get completely reliable, custom-built solutions that fit their business right now, but are still flexible enough to grow along with them.

Whatever IT paradise looks like to you, SouthTech can help you get there. Here’s how:

Step 1: Believe that technology is a key driver of success.
Step 2: Let your business goals determine your technology strategy.
Step 3: Design flexible and robust voice and data systems.
Step 4: Build a rock-solid network foundation that will support your systems well.
Step 5: Train your people and partners how to use your systems.
Step 6: Monitor your systems closely, day and night.
Step 7: Maintain and update your system’s critical components.
Step 8: Develop proactive support protocols and procedures.
Step 9: Protect and secure what you have made.
Step 10: Plan for the worst, and how you’ll recover from it.

It’s as simple—and as challenging—as that. Please complete the following survey to begin your journey…