* 1. If the team did not arrive at the expected time, was I notified of the delay...

* 2. Was the team in uniform and presented well

* 3. The team communicated well with me throughout the removal

* 4. 'Plastics’ were offered to protect my soft furnishings

* 5. Portarobes were offered to pack my wardrobe

* 6. My belongings were handled with care and respect

* 7. The team walked through the property with me to ensure that everything required was on the truck

* 8. My belongings were placed where I wanted them

* 9. Everything that was disassembled was put back together for me (as requested)

* 10. I was asked on completion of the job if I required any further assistance with my belongings

* 11. Our team spoke respectfully to me and each other

* 12. Our team were polite, courteous and cheerful at all times

* 13. Our team worked efficiently and productively

* 14. I am satisfied with the teams overall performance

* 15. I would recommend SOS Removals & Storage to others

* 16. Rate our Service

* 17. Are there any specific ways we could improve our service ?

* 18. Name

* 19. Customer Email

* 20. Contact Telephone Number


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* 21. First Name

* 22. Suburb

* 23. Testimonial