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* 1. How much can individual citizens like you affect what the state government does?

* 2. Do you think Oregon's state government is on the right track or wrong track?

* 3. Oregon's Secretary of State has several key functions in state government.  Which function should the Secretary of State pay the most attention?

* 4. Based on your answer to the previous question, do you believe the Secretary of State's office executing the duties of the position as those duties have been assigned?

* 5. The duties of the Secretary of State are to mange elections, oversee the Corporations Division, serve as the archivist and maintain public records, carry out budget and performance audits of government agencies, vote on issues of the State Lands Board, and assume the role of governor should the need occur.  Please describe what skills you believe a candidate for this position should have if running for the job?

* 6. Please provide for information purposes only.