* 1. Which SongWorks Camp did you attend? Please quote Location and Date

* 2. Your personal information

* 3. Where did you first learn about this event (or from whom?)

* 4. Are you a member of the S.A.C.?

* 5. Was the location/ venue selection for this event appropriate?

* 6. How would you rate the meals? (1=poor; 10=excellent)

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

* 7. Were there sufficient opportunities for you to network with the other songwriters at SongWorks?

* 8. Do you anticipate working with any of the writers you met at this workshop in the future?

* 9. Please let us know what, for you, was the best part of the event?

* 10. What tangible results do you foresee getting from this camp?

* 11. Please suggest any ideas that you would like to see incorporated into a future SongWorks event.

* 12. How many writing camps, apart from SongWorks Camps, have you attended?

* 13. How does the SongWorks Camp compare to other writing camps? (leave blank if this is your first camp)

* 14. Based on your experience these past few days, approximately what monetary value would you assign this camp?

* 15. At your expense, how far would you travel to a SongWorks camp?

* 16. Would you be willing to write about your experience at SongWorks for a future article in either our magazine or website?

* 17. Please share any additional advice or comments.