How To Play ConventionSouth's SoHo Trivia Contest - AUGUST ISSUE EDITION

Give us the correct answer to the following seven questions to test your knowledge of some of the South's meeting sites and be entered into a December 2013 drawing for a $1,000 debit card. Plus, each month, you could win one of our monthly prizes. Clues to the answers can be found in the August issue of ConventionSouth magazine. To order your copy of the August issue and for questions about this quiz and contest, contact Marlane Bundock, ConventionSouth Editor at


* 1. What's the name of the iconic bell tower at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa?

* 2. What's the name of the "Village" in downtown Huntsville, Ala., where groups can experience life in the 19th century?

* 3. Sitting along the banks of the Ohio River, Northern Kentucky overlooks what city's skyline?

* 4. Wildlife specialists at the Paragon Casino Resort thrill audiences each week with a live show featuring what animal?

* 5. What popular beverage was first created in New Bern, N.C., in 1898?

* 6. What's the name of the hip hangout spot at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa where "Vegas Meets Tulsa?"

* 7. Lubbuck is known as the "Music Crossroads of West Texas," but which musical talent is known as Lubbock's Son?

* 8. Your Name

* 9. Types of meetings that you plan:

* 10. Email:

* 11. Phone: