Social Enterprise Ecosystem Survey: Introduction

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Thank you for taking time to respond to our survey. We appreciate your time and thoughts. The goal of this survey is to understand, measure and analyze social enterprise ecosystems in the United States. 

For the purposes of this survey, we define a social enterprise as: “an organization employing commercial strategies to achieve intentional social impact, measuring and transparently reporting outcomes towards this goal.”

Think of the term "social enterprise ecosystem" as any network of resources social entrepreneurs use to create, innovate, and grow ventures in a particular region.

The information we collect will be used to help you! Findings and analysis will be made publicly available in a report which organizations in your city can use to identify ways to better support you and improve social enterprise ecosystems nationwide. Check out the 2016 Report here.

This survey will take about 10 minutes to complete - thanks again for your time.

* 1. Are you currently professionally or personally involved in a social enterprise ecosystem, or have you been in the past year?