* 1. Does one or more of your children wear headgear?

* 2. Does your child’s team all wear headgear?

* 3. What brand of headgear do they wear, if any?

* 4. Has your coach or club leadership discussed the importance of head protection in soccer?

* 5. Do you think head protection should be required for all youth soccer players or any age group(s)? (you can select more than one)

* 6. Your child or children have sustained how many concussions?

Are you aware of some of these facts from published research papers on concussions in soccer and sports in general?

•  Soccer is the #1 sport for reported concussions among female youth athletes.

•  Any child who has had one concussion, or certainly 2, is at much greater risk of sustaining another than a player who has never had one.

•  70-85% of concussions are from normal run of play: collisions, falls, accidents at the goal, knees, etc. Heading accounts for only 15 to 30% of concussions depending on who is speaking or the study cited.

•  Younger players take longer to recover from a concussion than older players. (Don’t be in a hurry to get your child back in school!)

•  Girls are more likely to get a concussion in soccer than boys.

•  Vision problems have been commonly reported in children with concussions and can lead to academic difficulty.

•  Damage to the brain caused by concussion can last for decades after the original head trauma.

* 7. Do some of those stats surprise you regarding the risks in playing soccer?

* 8. Do you think protecting the head is at least as important as protecting shins?

* 9. While the US Soccer Federation waits for more data, are you inclined to add head protection as part of your child’s uniform, like shin guards?

* 10. If your club or coach has vetted any particular headgear and found it to be useful in reducing risk, would you like it to be an option when purchasing gear?

* 11. Does a price of $40 to $50 seem reasonable for serious head protection?

* 12. Have you considered head protection before but not purchased it? Why? (you can select more than one)

* 13. Would you be interested in helping spread the word regarding the importance of head protection in soccer?

* 14. What is the name of the organization(s) your child or children play?

* 15. How many youth soccer players in your household?

* 16. Do they play club, rec or school? (you can select more than one)

* 17. What is the age and gender of your youth soccer player(s)? (you can select more than one)

* 18. We welcome any comments

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