How You Can Help SOAR

The Education and Retraining Working Group will be making three to five recommendations for action to the SOAR Executive Committee in the fall of 2014. These recommended actions will be aimed at improving our region’s ability to support and attract new and existing industry, create and foster innovation, and support an entrepreneurial movement throughout the region—all with a focus on how efforts centering around education and retraining in the region can best support these actions.

We need your assistance and input to ensure the recommendations made to the Executive Committee reflect broad support from the region, a spirit of innovation, and an enlightened and experienced perspective.

Using the drop-down choice box to the left of each proposed action on the following page, rank FIVE proposed actions from the list that you believe are most important to the success of the region, ranking them from 1-5 in order of importance—with 1 being what you believe is the most important action from the list and 5 being the fifth most important action.

For all remaining proposed actions on the list beyond your No. 5 and final choice, you must click the "N/A" box at the right of each of those actions you wish to leave unranked in order to complete the survey. Please read through the entire list of proposed actions before you begin ranking so your choices will be accurately recorded. You may also select "N/A" among the ranking numbers in the drop-down choice box beside each proposed action.

*PLEASE NOTE: As you begin ranking your choices, they will be reorganized in order of your ranking, starting at the top of the list. Those beyond your No. 5 choice that you wish to leave unranked will be grayed out once you click the "N/A" button (or select "N/A" among the drop-down options in the choice box).

Space will also be provided to type in up to five additional recommended actions beyond those on the following list that you believe may better reflect the education and retraining needs of the region.

SOAR thanks you in advance for your input!