* 1. The SMCM Career Development Center ("CDC") is directed by the College administration to collect information on the summer plans of students. This information is also helpful to our office as we work to support students in their pursuit of substantive summer opportunities. Your responses to this survey will be treated confidentially. They will be used primarily in summary reports (without names) in which the numbers of students of different years and majors participating in different types of activities will be described. Later in the academic year you may be contacted by Career Development staff who may be interested in learning more about your summer experience or in inviting you to participate in a focus group or “summer job” information session for other students. You will, of course, be free to decline participation. You may choose not to participate at any time, and may skip any question that you do not wish to answer. Your decision to participate will not affect your relationship with St. Mary’s College in any way.

We would greatly appreciate your willingness to answer the brief questions that follow. The survey should take only 5 minutes to complete. Those who complete the survey will be automatically enrolled in a raffle for a $50 Target gift card to be awarded upon return to campus in August. If you choose not to enter your name and contact information in the survey, you may nevertheless enroll in the raffle by following the directions on the last screen of the survey.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Kate Shirey, Assistant Director of Career Development, at 240-895-4203, or careercenter@smcm.edu. If you have questions about your rights as a participant in this study, please contact Dr. Roger Stanton, the chair of our Institutional Review Board, at irb@smcm.edu.

I have read this page and agree to take part in this survey.