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Are you a returning student this semester?

If you are not a returning student, is this your first time going to college?

Which of the following programs or services does Student Life provide? Check all that apply.

How many times did you visit a Student Life office or participate in a Student Life event during the past semester?

Do you follow Student Life on Social Media? If so, which one(s)?

My Student Life (MySL) is your 24/7 Riverbat Hotline. It's access to ACC's student organizations and event calendars at your fingertips. You can request to join any of our 60+ organizations or start a new one. Connect with students who share similar interests and find out what's happening on your campus. You can also apply to be a Riverbat Ambassador and keep track of your co-curricular profile. If it's happening at ACC, it's on MySL!

Please tell us the degree in which you are familiar with or use our MySL Student Portal?

What one service would you like the Office of Student Life to provide you?

Based upon your experience with Student Life this past semester, how would you grade Student Life in the following areas?

  A (Excellent) B (Good) C (Fair) D (Poor) F (Very Poor)
Providing guidance and advice on navigating college life.
Offering useful workshops.
Visiting the classroom to share information on Student Life events and activities.
Creating interesting and engaging events and celebrations.
Making students feel welcome at ACC.