Exam Instructions

This exam will qualify your business for a permit, required to comply with Pennsylvania’s Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Order.

Make sure that you include all information requested, and check that all business information is entered correctly. Failure to provide correct and complete information will delay your permit.

There are two parts of this exam: 

1. Entry of contact information for the business and the person taking the exam

2. Twenty multiple-choice questions about the Spotted lanternfly and the Spotted lanternfly quarantine. A score of 14 correct answers is passing. If you do not already know about Spotted lanternfly, you can attend a training session or review the presentation available in the Quarantine Section at www.agriculture.pa.gov/spottedlanternfly

Question Title

* The person taking this examination, whose name appears below, verifies, certifies, represents, affirms and warrants to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry, that s/he has the power and authority to execute a permit and thereby be bound to its terms or has been duly authorized by the Board of Directors thereof if a corporation, and the person thereby has authority to execute this Permit on behalf thereof.

The person agrees to abide by the terms of this permit, defined in Pennsylvania’s Spotted Lanternfly Order of Quarantine. This includes training of employees who handle, pack, process, dispose of and move regulated articles.