Thank you for choosing MVHS Sleep Disorders Center at the St. Elizabeth Campus. We would like to know your thoughts about the care that you received. Below are a number of questions about your most recent visit. If you have been a patient with us before, please answer only about your most recent experience. Fill in the circle that best represents your opinion, and remember to complete all of the questions. Thank you for your time.

* 1. Date of Visit

Date of Visit

* 2. I was able to locate the Sleep Disorders Center without difficulty (directions were adequate).

* 3. It was easy to reach the Sleep Disorders Center by telephone.

* 4. I found office staff to be helpful and considerate.

* 5. My appointment date was within a satisfactory amount of time.

* 6. I was treated courteously by the technologist.

* 7. The technologist listened to my questions and answered them.

* 8. The room where I stayed was comfortable and clean.

* 9. Overall, the Sleep Disorders Center met my expectations.

* 10. I am likely to recommend MVHS Sleep Disorders Center to others.

* 11. Please provide any comments or suggestions you might have about your experience: