1. Student Learning Development Workshop Evaluation

* 1. Date of Workshop


* 2. What type of workshop did you receive from Student Learning Development?

* 3. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:

I learned something useful on this course:

* 4. I will make a positive change or changes in my practice because of this workshop:

* 5. This workshop will help me improve as a student:

* 6. How will you apply what you learned today? What will you do differently?

* 7. Tick all skills that you feel have improved after the workshop today:

* 9. From the following please choose which applies to you:

* 10. Please indicate what year of study you are in from the following options.

* 11. How did you hear about the workshop?

* 12. Any comments/suggestions for future topics

Your feedback will enable us to plan future workshops and to ensure that workshops meet your needs.

If you need more help, please consider visiting our Blackboard module for all of our online resources 'Academic Skills for Successful Learning', more details are on our website at: http://www.student-learning.tcd.ie

SLD also run webinars for students that find it difficult to attend our workshops in person. Please find details at: http://www.student-learning.tcd.ie.

Thank you for completing this questionnaire,
The Student Learning Development Team