In the year of 2021, Vietnam witnessed the biggest movement of volunteerism and support from many individuals and entities, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Higher education institutions (HEIs) are not exceptional. 

HEIs have been filling the gaps of deficiencies of governmental resources and services. Many medical and health care HEIs and engaged scholars support physical and mental health care in general for communities and the Covid-19 patients in particular. Not only in health care, but many higher education institutions also support vulnerable communities in many ways in need, including supporting public or non-profit organizations turning to digital infrastructure, in terms of economics, policy advocacy...  

Service-Learning/Community-Engaged Learning (SL/CEL) certainly emerges from challenges and also opportunities out of the Covid-19 and its post pandemic time. The needs from broken economics and vulnerable communities are much bigger, and the compelling of giving and supporting from students and faculties is also stronger.

This is time for acknowledging those achievements and impacts, and also addressing those challenges and needs. For that reason, Vietnam Campus Engage (Center for Community Engagement Education) – which found and coordinates the Vietnam Network of Engaged Schoars in 2021, with the support from German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) organizes the workshop “SL/CEL and the transformation and emerging roles of HE in the time of Covid-19 and post pandemic” on December  8-9th, 2021.


- Overall review about Service-Learning/Community-Engaged Learning (SL/CEL) challenges and achievements during Covid-19 – Vietnam and International
- Overall review on the transformation and emerging roles of HE in recovering our country's economics, health care and the communities


Faculty teachers, administration managers and leaders of universities, curriculum developers from the network’s higher education institutions (HEIs), experts of HEIs in community outreach,  

Date and time

- Session 1: December 08th  2021 from 14.00 pm to 18.00 pm
- Session 2: December 09th  2021 from 14.00 pm to 18:00 pm

English and Vietnamese (with simultaneous interpretation)


Stefan Hase-Bergen
Head of DAAD Regional Office Hanoi for Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar

Tran Thi Thanh Huong
Director of Vietnam Campus Engage

Pham Ngoc Mai
Event Manager, DIES Programme
maipn@daadvn.org / event@daadvn.org