Accenture Skills to Succeed Award Nomination Overview

Accenture and Out & Equal wish to recognize an organization that specifically improves the LGBT community's vitality by creating, supporting or implementing program(s) to help equip LGBT people with the skills they need to build a business or get a job. The Skills to Succeed Award will be presented at the Global LGBT Workplace Summit in London in July 2012.

This form is to be used to apply for the award. Self nominations are welcome. Questions can be sent to Julie Beach at Out & Equal via email to

Prior to filling out this nomination form, please have the following items available as you will not be able to save these pages and return to them later. With these materials on hand, this nomination form is designed to take twenty minutes or less to complete. Good luck to you!

1. Full name of the organization and the program you are nominationg along with complete contact information -the organization's web address, the physical mailing address, the contact's name, email address and phone number.

2. A description of the organization (100 word limit)

3. A description of the nominated program. Please include mission, goal, and objectives (400 word limit).

4. A description of the program's successes and results (200 word limit).

Note: In submitting your nomination, please remember that we can't consider incomplete and/or unclear content.

NOMINATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY MIDNIGHT, Pacific Standard Time, Friday, May 11, 2012.

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* 1. As the nominator, please include your contact information.

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* 2. What is the full name and contact information for the organization you wish to nominate?

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* 3. If the organization or program you are nominating has a web address, what is it?

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* 4. If you are nominating a specific program within this organization, what is the full name of it? Skip this question if you are nominating the entire organization and not any specific program within it.

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* 5. Please write a succinct description of the organization or program you are nominating (limit 100 words).

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* 6. Please provide a description of the nominated organization or program to include mission, goals, and objectives (limit 400 words).

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* 7. What are the results of the program you are nominating? -300 word limit