Please rate your experience on each of the following below on a scale of
1 (Strongly Disagree) to 5 (Strongly Agree).

* 1. Inspection staff provided excellent customer service:

* 2. Inspection staff exhibited professionalism:

* 3. The Inspector had thorough technical knowledge and abilities to promptly solve job related issues:

* 4. The Inspector was very responsive to requests for information:

* 5. The Inspector made themselves available on the job site:

* 6. The Standards and Specifications were enforced by Inspection staff in a fair and practical manner:  

* 7. My experience with the Inspection staff was overall positive:

* 8. Was your project delayed? If so, what caused the delay?

* 9. If you have concerns, do your concerns relate to inspections completed for Public Works, Austin Water, Austin Transportation, and/or Watershed Protection Departments?

* 10. What aspects of the inspection(s) are related to your answer to Question 9? Please be specific as practical.


* 11. Site Plan/C8 number, if applicable:

* 12. Name:

* 13. Phone:

* 14. E-mail: