* 1. Personal Information

* 2. Will you come to ISBCA 2013?

* 3. Will you be presenting a work at ISBCA (oral or poster)?

* 4. Have you registered through the website?

* 5. Have you paid the registration fee?

* 6. I am arriving to Chile on the:

(If you live in Chile, leave blank)

Date (day/month/year)

* 7. I am arriving to Chile by:

(If you live in Chile leave blank)

* 8. I am arriving to Pucón on the:

Date (day/month/year)

* 9. I am arriving to Pucón by:

* 10. I am leaving Pucón on the:

Date (day/month/year)

* 11. I am leaving Pucón by:

* 12. Accommodations in Pucón

* 13. I will assist to the Welcoming reception on Sunday March 3rd, 7 pm?

* 14. I will assist to the Symposium Dinner on Thursday March 7th?

* 15. If you answered yes to the above question, did you already paid for the dinner?

* 16. I will be going on the Field day on Wednesday March 6th?

* 17. I will like to have the proceedings of the meeting in the form of (indicate only one option)

* 18. Please indicate if you will need a Certificate of Attendance