The Simon Foundation for Continence Stigma Survey

The Simon Foundation is conducting a survey to find out what medical conditions result in the most stigma, defined as: (1) the recognition of difference based on some distinguishing characteristic or "mark;" (2) a consequent devaluation of the person. 
Please take this short survey and help us to defeat the stigma surrounding medical conditions!

* 1. Below is an alphabetical listing of some medical conditions that may have associated stigma.  Select the medical condition you feel would be with most associated with stigma and give it a number 1.  When you rank a condition, it will move on the list to that ranking position.  Stop after ranking 10 conditions.  The remaining unranked conditions will be in random order.   Note: to save your responses, please use the navigator (next, previous) at the bottom of the page rather than the browser.  You are welcome to review or change your rankings anytime during your survey.