Please complete the following Learning Log in order to receive credit for this course. Don't hesitate to refer back to the training for the answers. Thank you!

* 1. Please enter your contact information.

* 2. Please identify the county in which you reside.

* 3. Please indicate how you participate in Girl Scouts.

* 4. As a prerequisite for the Silver Award, how many Cadette level Journeys do you have to earn?

* 5. A Silver Award project focuses on a need:

* 6. As part of the discovering your community activity, you were asked to draw a picture of your ideal community. Please list 2 items that you included in your ideal community.

* 7. After drawing your ideal community, you were asked to reflect on the drawing and look for items that might be missing. What is one item you discovered was missing?

* 8. You completed an Issue Mapping activity to investigate a possible topic, its causes and effects. What topic did you choose to map? (the idea in the center)

* 9. What were two causes of your issue? (for example, in the training, car accidents were caused by bad roads and distracted driving)

* 10. You are part of a troop of 8 girls. You can all work on your Silver Award together.

* 11. Who selects your project?

* 12. Who approves your project?

* 13. How many hours of participation are required for your Silver Award?

Just a reminder: Silver Award projects are NOT about fundraising. A project that focuses on raising money for another organization is not a Silver Award project. You may need money, materials, or other donations to make your project happen, and that is when fundraising is appropriate.

* 14. When you finish your Silver Award, you should: