33% of survey complete.
The purpose of this survey is to asses the accessibility issues faced by SIGCHI members with respect to a variety of SIGCHI services. By filling out this survey, you can help us to get a sense of the number of people at SIGCHI who are affected, what problems they experienced, and what has been helpful in the past. This will be used by the SIGCHI Accessibility Community to make decisions about where to focus its attention.

The first group of questions is about SIGCHI conferences

* 1. Have you ever attended a SIGCHI sponsored conference?

* 2. How many times have you attended the following conferences?

  Never 1 2-5 6-10 >10
Mobile HCI
Creativity & Cognition

* 3. Please check below the one SIGCHI conference you would most like to attend this year and/or next year but cannot attend.

* 4. For the conference you would most like to attend, but cannot attend, which of the following reasons best explains your reasons?

  Not a factor in my decision Small factor A factor Large factor Main factor in my decision
Attendance too expensive
Conference too far away
Family obligations (e.g. childcare responsibilities)
Work obligations (e.g. teaching)
No accepted paper
Conference in an inaccessible location
Other concerns about accessibility

* 5. Have you ever had trouble participating in a SIGCHI conference because of something about the conference?

* 6. If yes, please explain what prevented or inhibited your participation.

* 7. In which capacities was your attendance affected?

  No problem Small problem Problem Large problem Could not participate
Watching presentations
Participating in group activities (such as workshops)
Giving a presentation
Making use of common spaces
Attending receptions
Attending off-site events
Eating the food
Using basic facilities (restrooms, building entrance and exit, etc)
Getting between places
Making use of the program

* 8. Do you agree with this statement? "Limitations on my attendance of SIGCHI conferences have negatively affected my ability to meet my goals for: "

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree I have no limitations
Career advancement

* 9. Give a specific example of a time when an accessibility problem affected your participation in a conference you attended.

* 10. Give a specific example of a situation where a conference took actions that positively affected its accessibility.