The South Hero Wastewater Committee is evaluating local needs and options for cost-effective and appropriately scaled wastewater solutions in the South Hero Village and Keeler Bay Village areas. Wastewater management solutions will help achieve South Hero’s vision for walkable vibrant village centers and a strong local economy, while maintaining the preservation of rural, working lands outside the village.

This survey is intended to be completed by owners of property in the South Hero Wastewater Feasibility Study Area, which consists of the village zoning districts.  Please reference the study area map below to confirm whether your property is located within the study area.  Please complete a separate survey for each property located in the study area.
All information being asked by this survey is important for developing the best and most cost-effective wastewater solutions for properties in the Villages and for accessing grant funding.  If you choose to provide your property address, it will be kept confidential.

Questions?  Please contact Greta Brunswick at

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South Hero Wastewater Feasibility Study Area

<strong>South Hero Wastewater Feasibility Study Area</strong>