Greetings Sweet Holy Spirit Family!!!

It’s time to continue the work that was began nearly 50 years ago to move our church and community forward. In our efforts to move forward we must become cognizant of current trends and best practices that impact our membership. However to do so we must know who we are now as well as what we should continue, start and stop doing.

A proven method to garner this information is through a membership assessment. A membership assessment provides an opportunity for us all to contribute to next steps of our church by sharing your insights. The data received will allow us to to obtain the following;

1. DIRECTION on how we should move strategically.

2. DEMOGRAPHICS on who we are as members of Sweet Holy Spirit and our internal resources.

3. DUTY to our church and community.

Now to make this possible, your input is needed. Please complete the assessment. The assessment will take up to 10 minutes or so to complete.  Please pace yourself and answer each question.  The incentive will be knowing you’ve contributed to the progress of your church. As always, BIGGER, BRIGHTER, BETTER!!! And we’re moving!!!

Yours in Christ,
Bishop Larry D. Trotter
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