* 1. Employees in my organization willingly accept change.

* 2. Employees here are willing to take on new tasks as needed.

* 3. Employees in my organization take the initiative to help other employees when the need arises.

* 4. Employees proactively identify future challenges and opportunities.

* 5. Employees here always keep going when the going gets tough.

* 6. In my organization, employees adapt quickly to difficult situations.

* 7. When at work, I am completely focused on my job duties.

* 8. I am determined to give my best effort at work each day.

* 9. I am often so involved in my work that the day goes by very quickly.

* 10. I get excited about going to work.

* 11. I feel completely involved in my work.

* 12. I am inspired to meet my goals at work.

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