#SHOPPEBLACK: Tell Us Your TOP TEN FAVORITE Black-owned businesses around the world.

In the realm of Black-owned businesses, nothing is more valuable than word of mouth. We at SHOPPE BLACK would like to know what are YOUR Top Ten favorite Black-owned businesses, no matter where they may be located in the globe. These are the businesses that you'll patronize again and again. The businesses that you want to see thrive. The businesses that you'd write home about. They can range from your local dentist, to your favorite Black-owned boutique hotel in Jamaica, to your go to hairdresser when you're at home for the holidays or the architectural firm that designed your new building.  Our super amazing database, is coming to computer near you. 

- Tony Oluwatoyin Lawson, CEO + Co-Founder and Shantrelle P. Lewis, CIO + Co-Founder
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