The goal of Shields' Council is to create a community that enhances quality of life for our residents.  A community survey identified that residents would be interested in attending informational/learning/activity  sessions to learn and participate in various topics/activities. With this in mind,  our Social Programming Committee along with Saskatoon Council on Aging will provide informational/learning/activity sessions on various topics/activities starting in the fall and over the winter.   We would like your input to see which topics/activities are of most interest to you.  Please evaluate the topics/activities according to your interest level (1-4).   If you have a topic or activity that is not on the list, please add to the other category and rate accordingly.  We thank you for your participation in this survey which will assist in addressing the ongoing needs of our growing community.  

Question Title

* 1. What is your name and address (response required)

Question Title

* 2. Please indicate from 1 - 4 how interested you would be in the following informational sessions.  1 - very interested and 4 being least interested. (Response required on each statement)

  Not Interested Somewhat interested Interested  Very Interested 
Archeology - Local Expert
Art Classes - for example:  painting, sculpting, specialized crafts ie:  weaving beadwork (not just doing these activities but learning the origins and what they mean to certain cultures.  (please note in the other box)
Artificial Intelligence
City of Saskatoon Archivist - Jeff O'brien
Computer Learning (could be a variety of topics)
Exercise Classes led by Video instruction
Line Dancing 
Local Author - Presentation
MMIW Issues (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women)
Movie Nights
Other (as you identified below)
Quiz nights subjects could relate to immediate surroundings or even Provincial History for example.
Tax Tips
Transportation Issues - Discuss concerns living in an area without public transportation
Wills and Estates, planning, legacies

Question Title

* 3. What is your preferred time for information sessions to take place?