Project Overview

The Shelly Creek watershed is a particularly important tributary of the Englishman River in Parksville, BC as it is the only remaining fish-bearing stream, housing a population of cutthroat trout. Studies previously undertaken by the Mid Vancouver Island Habitat Enhancement Society (MVIHES) have indicated that this fish habitat is deteriorating due to urban encroachment and poor water balance management. As a collaboration between MVIHES and Vancouver Island University’s Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region Research Institute (MABRRI), this project aims to raise awareness of this concern and ultimately motivate an increase in localized water conservation.

To initiate the project, the following survey intends to measure the level of awareness about Shelly Creek that currently exists, along with any water conservation techniques that are already in place. The survey is interested in residents who live near Shelly Creek, with the study area bounded by Butler Avenue and the E&N Railway, including Corfield Street S., Hamilton Avenue W., and Trill Drive.

The survey will remain open until May 31, 2021. Between June 2021 and March 2022, a localized education and outreach campaign will be delivered to residents surrounding the Shelly Creek area. The information gained from the survey will guide the development of this campaign. To determine whether the methods used for education and outreach were effective, a follow-up survey will be launched in April 2022.

Further information on Shelly Creek: MVIHES Shelly Creek Initiatives
Contact Information
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