* 1. From the list below, please select which of our facilities you used or visited in the last 6 months.

* 2. The Parks Department tries to continually improve the parks and facilities available to the residents of Shelbyville, because we understand the positive impact Parks have on quality of life. Please rate your experience with our parks and facilities.

* 3. If you currently participate in Park Programs,or special events please rate your experience. If you haven't participated in these programs, please explain what we could change that is currently preventing your participation.

* 4. What are the Parks Department strengths to build on for the future?

* 5. What are some areas of weakness that the Parks Department could improve on?

* 6. As we develop the next Parks Master Plan, its important to identify what the community's vision for the Parks Department is moving forward. In a few words, please describe the changes and additions you would like to see for the Parks Department in the next 10 years.

* 7. Please provide any additional comments you might have that were't addressed in the previous questions.