The Sheila Robertson Award recognizes the outstanding contributions to coach education, recognition, and professional development by a National Sport Organization (NSO) or Multisport Service Organization (MSO). The Coaching Association of Canada’s (CAC) Professional Coaching Department annually presents the Award to an NSO or MSO which consistently demonstrates its value of coaching through organizational mandate, and communications activities throughout the year to its internal and external audiences.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to receive the Sheila Robertson Award, a National Sport Organization or Multisport Service Organization should meet the following requirements:
  • have demonstrated commitment to coach development in Canada (e.g., training, education, other professional development activities);
  • have demonstrated a consistent value of coaching through communications activities (e.g. presence within website content including coach profiles, publications, news releases, media coverage, social media);
  • have recognized coaching achievements (e.g. annual coaching awards, publicly announce coach appointments);
  • have supported coach education and professional development opportunities (e.g. naming of coaches to Board of Directors, and/or relevant committees);
  • have committed to having coach representation as part of the Senior Management Team which drives its organizational mandate and vision;
  • have demonstrated its value of coach development through its hiring practices and employment practices;
  • have impacted other NSO or MSO partners to better themselves through thought leadership and example setting.
  • have an impact on the coaching experience of women, New Canadians, Indigenous persons, and senior citizens.
Diversity and Inclusion:

The Coaching Association of Canada is committed to promoting the values of diversity and inclusion within the Sheila Robertson Award in order to recognize the tremendous contribution that all organizations make to the Canadian Sport System and to the success of Canadian coaches and athletes on and off the field of play.

Selection Process

The CAC’s Awards Committee will review all nominations put forward by the deadline, as well as those that were put forward the previous two years but were not successful. The Committee will select one recipient per year.

If successful, both the nominator and the recipient will be contacted by the CAC by phone by the end of August.

If unsuccessful, only the nominator will be sent a letter of decision by the end of August. Nominations will be kept on file and considered for the next two years.

Nomination Package

The nomination package must include:
  • Nomination form;
  • Letter demonstrating how the nominee meets the selection criteria of this award;
  • Supporting documentation (not exceeding five pages) that supports the nomination.
Complete nomination packages must be received by July 31, 2018