Your Thoughts About Framingham

My best ideas have come from walking our neighborhoods and listening to residents. I believe the best way to achieve our goals is by listening to one another and working as a team. My years of public service are filled with stories of bringing folks together to improve, invest and invigorate Framingham.

Please take time to share your story.

* 1. Which 2-3 issues are most important to you?

* 2. Overall, should Framingham do more, less or about the same to attract and retain local businesses?

* 3. Does Framingham do enough, not enough or about right to preserve open space?

* 4. Should Framingham establish a curbside composting program for food waste?

* 5. Are real estate taxes in Framingham:

* 6. Do you favor Framingham’s current “school choice” program that allows parents to select their child’s elementary school or would you favor students being assigned to their neighborhood elementary schools?

* 7. What would you do to improve our schools?

* 8. How would you improve traffic in Framingham?

* 9. What would you say are the two most important roles of the Mayor of Framingham?

* 10. What is the most important quality you think our Mayor should have?

* 11. If you could do anything, what would you do to make Framingham a better place to live, learn, work or play?

* 12. Contact Information