Why Bicycle Sharing?

The City of Monterey is considering a bicycle sharing program to provide bicycling as the better alternative to waiting in traffic, polluting the air, and circling for parking. Bicycle sharing would connect people to entertainment and employment opportunities, academic and military institutions, and other cities by connecting with local public transit.
What is bicycle sharing?
bike share kiosk 
Bicycle sharing provides a network of bicycles available at self-serve kiosks around the city. Users are able to access the bicycles with the use of a card by purchasing a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual membership. Most existing systems allow users to make as many trips as often as they like without additional charge provided they return the bicycles to a kiosk within 30 to 60 minutes (small graduated fees are incurred for keeping a bike beyond the time limit). Users can pick up a bicycle at any self-serve kiosk and return it to any other kiosk located within the system's service area. Kiosks are situated at key locations and provide a cost-effective mobility option for trips too far to walk, but too costly to make by taxi or private vehicle.
bike share steps 
Over 300 cities worldwide are investing in bicycle sharing as a relatively inexpensive mobility option and extension to a region’s public transportation offerings. This 10-question survey will inform what type of bicycle sharing program would best serve our city.