We are shaping up a whole new world of possibilities!

>> We don’t have to buy everything we need – we can rent, swap & share.

>> When we do buy, we want it to be sustainably made with heart from a small business.

>> We want to spend our money where we see our values in action. We demand equity and embrace diversity. We want to uplift our community.

>> We want to connect and invest in experiences.

>> We're looking for adventure, innovative ways to solve our daily grind, and high vibe circles.

>> And some of us are turning our dreams into reality by starting and supporting new purpose-driven businesses.
At SHAREMRKT, we've discovered providers doing all of this and more. Seeing a founder's fire to share their passion and those who have put it all on the line to become change agents is beyond inspiring. And honestly it's what's gotten us thru some of the darker days of late.
Over the past few years, we've created a portal for 9 markets - Travel, Discover, Eat + Drink, Art + Fashion, Community, Green Living, Kids, Work, and Pets. And we've launched in 6 cities - Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, New York City and San Francisco.
Now we ***just launched!!!*** in Los Angeles with a curated portal of providers across all the markets and we're taking it further with creative provider collaborations.
We need your help though! Please accept the challenge and be our sounding board!!  Your answers will directly impact our areas of focus in this critical time of growth (in LA & beyond)!

Love from Gina & the SHAREMRKT team