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Hi, Camper Alumni!

Dean of SGSC Grad School, Cathy Vartuli here.

This is your application to an adventure and experience that will give your sex-positive business a boost that will benefit you and your clients (and the world in general) for years to come!

To keep the group cohesive, focused and high value, this application will let us filter and bring together the best and most powerful group of Sex Educators possible. Thank you for taking the time to fill it out. I will review it carefully!

This will also give me an idea of where you want to focus, and what you want to share, so we can use your time to implement, get feedback from peers, build lasting business relationships and friendships, and be inspired by new strategies for your business. All while having time to sit by the pool in the sun and relax for once!

Some details about Grad School...

- Grad school will be in a separate structure from the main teaching dome.
- Grad students can attend sessions in the main teaching dome.
- Only Grad students are allowed to attend Grad school.
- Friendly Hot seats (sessions where a person is selected to share their project and get feedback from other people) are part of the experience. This is a powerful way to get past blocks and take your work to the next level.
- Networking and collaboration session where you get to know people more deeply and see where you can help each other are included.
- Skillshares, where Grad students with proven experience in different areas of interest to the group.
- Other teachings as requested and available.
- Coworking time (by the pool if you like!) as time allows.

**Remember: SGSC is a business retreat for sex educators and sex-positive professionals of all experience levels. Grad School is for those who've implemented and taken action and are now ready for the next level of networking and business geekery! 

This is a required form for coming to Grad School. You will also need to fill out the Camp application because that's where we get your releases, food and sleeping needs and emergency contacts.

Congratulations on being a Sex Geek Summer Camp Alumni and taking this step to creating a powerful, abundant, and energized business and career! And thank YOU for making the world a more healthy, pleasure-positive planet!


NOTE: Unless you complete the entire form in one sitting and submit the form, this system won't save your answers. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the form.

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* 1. Please let us know how to reach you!

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* 2. I've been to Camp ___ times. (Some of you are registered under different names, and we want to know how many people are repeat attendees!)

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* 3. I already have my ticket for SGSC 2019...

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* 4. I would like to be part of Grad School at Camp, if I'm accepted:

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* 5. In order for Grad School to leave a lasting impact and be very valuable for you... What would you need to learn or do?

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* 6. Grad School will include 1) Hot seats, 2) Networking, 3) Skillshare 4) Implementation and Strategy sessions from those with success in the area, 5) Specific teaching on subjects of interest to the group. 

Of those, or other options you'd like to see... what do you think is the most valuable and interesting to you?

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* 7. How would you like to make Grad School as inclusive as possible? Please share your thoughts and ideas on inclusivity for different demographics. Since Grad school is partially self-generated, how would you be responsible for inclusion? (You may also put in skill share ideas around this for possible inclusion in the teaching schedule later in the survey).

Here are a few suggestions to get you started (:
- Quieter/shyer members
- Folks with disabilities
- People who are savvy and up to speed on dynamics, theory, ideas regarding social justice/systemic oppression/activisim
- People who NOT are savvy and up to speed on dynamics, theory, ideas regarding social justice/systemic oppression/activisim
- People who are getting recognition in their careers but not making a lot of money
- People who are doing well financially
- etc., etc. These are just suggestions to get you started

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* 8. Grad School will be in a seperate structure, with table workspace, internet and electricity. Grad students are allowed to attend regular sessions in the main dome as part of Sex Geek Summer Camp. Only Grad students are allowed in Grad School.

Is there anything you can think of to include that would improve the space (remembering that this is a Camp...)

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* 9. What have you implemented/created as a Sex Educator? Please share specifics (courses created/taught, book written, etc) so we can evaluate your fit for Grad School?

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* 10. What are your top 3 goals for your business in 2019?

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* 11. What is your biggest block to moving ahead?

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* 12. What 3 things do you most need to learn/do to reach your goals for your business?