Sea Grant is an organization that has a history of working closely with water-dependent businesses and has documented a number of examples where research, extension, and/or training programs have resulted in increased economic activity in the private sector, including the creation or expansion of businesses and jobs. Yet there has not been a systematic survey in the Gulf region to assess the full scope of these economic impacts.

This preliminary study provides general information about the economic contributions and benefits to industry resulting from research, education, extension, and outreach efforts of the Gulf of Mexico Sea Grant Programs. The study is a critical first step in conducting a future systematic assessment of the economic benefits resulting from Gulf of Mexico Sea Grant programmatic efforts.

The results of the online valuation will be used to estimate the marginal economic impacts of the Economic Impacts of Sea Grant Research, Extension, Education, and Outreach Programs. The results of the online valuation will be used to compile the following economic benefits received by households, private businesses, government offices and non-profit organizations from the results of this project:

Annual Gross Sales
Annual Household Savings
Annual Labor Income
Willingness to Pay

The online valuation will ask you to identify the benefits received by your household, private business, government office, or non-profit organization from this project.

Please answer all five questions. For questions asking dollar values, please put 0 if not applicable.

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